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GPSMaster 2.2

GPSMaster 2.2

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GPSMaster Publisher's Description

GPSMaster is a program that runs under Windows on a PC and is able to communicate with a Garmin GPS. You can download all the desired data from your GPS, edit it, save it, view it, print it, upload it. When you use your GPS regularly GPSMaster is a must have!

GPSMaster is ideal for pilots, sailors, cyclists, hikers, basically anyone who enjoys outdoor sports. When you go on holiday to a place you've never been before, just buy a map of the area, scan the map with your scanner, load it into GPSMaster, calibrate it and you're ready to go. You can create waypoints, routes and tracks based on your scanned map and send them to your GPS.

Want to zoom in/zoom out/rotate your scene? Because GPSMaster works with OpenGL (to make use of your high speed graphics adapter, just like in modern games) this can all be done in very high speed. No more waiting for a 200% zoom, just roll that mousewheel!

Are you a pilot? Take your GPS with you on your flight, afterwards download the track you've flown, switch GPSMaster to 3D view and see your track in 3D! This is also a great feature for climbers/skiers!

Do you have a (scanned) map with coordinates that are not in WGS84 map datum? No problem! Switch to the correct map datum (GPSMaster knows 221 map datums and offers the ability to create a user map datum) and your coordinates match!

Do you wants to see distances/altitude in meters? Feet? Miles? Kilometers? GPSMaster knows them all.

Want to know what the distance between to points is (eg leg of a route) according to great circle navigation (shortest distance) or in Rhumbline (or loxodrome) navigation (same course along the entire leg)? GPSMaster knows them both.

GPSMaster is a highly versatile program for outdoor enthousiasts. Whether you're a pilot or a backpacker. Whether you enjoy skiing or cycling. GPSMaster offers the functionality you need.

GPSMaster also supports NMEA0183. Just select the NMEA0183 sentences you're interested in and see all the information you need: position, speed, altitude, cross track error, satellite visibility and many more.

Why should you use GPSMaster instead of any of the many other GPS programs available? Simply because GPSMaster has all the functionality you need and it has a very intuitive user interface and... it offers 3D viewing (and a lot more).

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